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Polenarecords Italian Indipendent Label
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Italian Independent Electronik Label

Polena Records based in Italy, intent is increasing people interest for:


Born in 2004, Polena Records tries to impress music culture with its philosophy. Our first experiences were trance parties
aimed to fuse show and music. Overtime we have become a sort of "experimentation lab", where to develop and carry
on our musical idea.


Polena Records products are tuned in "Millennium Studio", born in the early 90's where thanks to our professional devices,
suitable to create digital audio, we have cooperated also with big artists, famous in the international outline of electronic music.

Polena Record's gets into the worldwide music market in 2008, until today the Polena Label published 345 tracks at 75 releases between album, singles and EP, on line in several internet music shops.

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Cat N. PLN088

Date Release: 2014.12.07

Bundles: Album

Format: wave, mp3

Authors: Sascia Cardinali

Country: Italy

Genre: Progressive - Psy Trance


1) Love 'n' Light (Chillout Mix) 09:12

2) Time Capsule 08:30

3) Enjoy Your Freedom 07:52

4) Solar Mind 07:53

5) In Triumph 07:00

6) Everybody Change 08:18

7) Still Waiting For 08:08

8) What I Was Think 07:37

9) Mindwave - Within You (Aesis Alien Remix) 08:12


After three Years of productions, experimenting new sounds and flavours of Progressive Psy Trance Music...

The Polena Records is proud to present the New Album by the Italian producer Sascia Cardinali aka Aesis Alien called Adunanza , influenced by few Summer Festivals explored from 2011 to 2014 and by the track Solar Mind this album is pure Progressive Trance, with a unique melodic touch and strong basslines.

His astounding Remix of Mindwave's track "Whitin You" and the Chillout song Love N Light already achieved an impressive status before its release, the others seven tracks are the perfect mixture to get your mind fly into another dimension. Kick and bass as well as exotic percussions are blended toghether to get the crowd dancing and to uplift the energy inside us. Love, Passion, Melody, Power are just some of the reasons why this album makes You smile and fell good, a must have for everybody!

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Cat N. PLN081

Date Release: 2014.09.28

Bundles: Ep

Format: wave, mp3

Authors: Mladen Ivankovic

Country: Serbia

Genre :Psy Trance - Full On - Chillout


1) Psychedelic Experience 08:00

2) Cosmic Dust Activity 07:55

3)Alien Life Form 07:35


Every track has its own story but, through time, all the frequencies begin to merge into a much greater story. This is an album with a purpose: to take sonic travellers beyond sound into a place of mystic interactions. Let the journey begin!

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Cat N. PLN087

Date Release: 2014.11.06

Bundles: Ep

Format: wave, mp3

Authors: Sascia Cardinali

Country: Italy

Genre: Trance - Chillout


1) Imprinted in My Memory  07:55

2) Imprinted in My Memory (High Speed Mix) 06:33

3) Imprinted in My Memory (Chillout Mix) 07:36

4) Imprinted in My Memory (Aesis Alien Remix) 07:28

5) Imprinted in My Memory (Sunlight Project Remix) 07:50


Sashamato is back after a long silence with 3 powerful melodic tracks full of pathos and sweet chords, 2 of this on Techno Trance styles and one amazing Chillout version.

Included 2 Remix of his great Friends and great Producers... Sunlight Project and Aesis Alien.

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Cat N. PLN085

Date Release: 2014.07.31

Bundles: Single

Format: wave, mp3

Authors: Juan Pablo Dinheiro

Country: Argentina

Genre: Trance


1) Feat Natalie Vive Particles (Javo Vocal Mix) 07:15

2) Feat Natalie Vive 3.10 Earth (Javo Vocal Mix) 05:03

Thanks to the contact of his friend and colleague Chilean Dj Paly (Pablo Antonio Herrera) would be more than all approved by a big Italian label POLENA RECORDS to launch the first "EP" with 2 tracks more than "permeable" to the world market, along with the vocal melodies, with the collaboration of guest vocalists (Natalie Vive and a his great friend Dj Javo. The essence of Dinheiro is provided based on creating, from the freedom that gives us sound art and created from pure inspiration. Being a combination of different styles, from another perspective.

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