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Polenarecords Italian Indipendent Label
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Italian Independent Electronik Label

Polena Records based in Italy, intent is increasing people interest for:


Born in 2004, Polena Records tries to impress music culture with its philosophy.

Our first experiences were trance parties aimed to fuse show and music. Overtime we have become a sort of "experimentation lab", where to develop and carry on our musical idea.

Polena Records products are tuned in "Millennium Studio", born in the early 90's where thanks to our professional devices, suitable to create digital audio, we have cooperated also with big artists, famous in the international outline of electronic music.

Polena Record's gets into the worldwide music market in 2008, until today the Label published over 400 tracks at 96 releases between album, singles and EP, on line in all Digital Shops like Beatport, Itunes, Apple store, Amazon, Spotify, JunoDownload, DjTunes, DjShop, Trackitdown, Audio Jelly, Musicload, eMusic, 7 Digital, Virgin Mega Store, Jamba, Napster, Rhapsody, Traxsourse, Vynil24,  etc.



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There are no translations available.


Cat N. PLN097

Date Release: 2015.08.20

Bundles: Single

Format: wave, mp3

Authors: Rick Hawrda

Country: Germany

Genre: Psy Trance - progressive Psy Techno


1) Funkable - First Touch 06:51

2) Funkable - Moving Your Way 07:37

3) Funkable - Freedom 06:46

Polena Records present the first single from Funkable a very interesting music journey into your ears. It goes from Deep Techno until Progressive Trance with Psychedelic influences from all over the world are reflected here and tempted to let go. The music is very especially and sounds different, good different. You fall into trance and let yourself guided from the music. You wanna hear it again and again – becoming addicted! I'm your addiction. Let's be together addicted – to the music, the melody.

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Cat N. PLN096

Date Release: 2015.07.27

Bundles: Album

Format: wave, mp3

Authors: Sascia Cardunali

Country: Italy

Genre: Progressive House - Techno


1)  Under The Pope - One Deep Breath (Techno) 6:46

2) Under The Pope - Endless Loop (Tech House) 7:52

3) Under The Pope - Absolutely Amazing (Progressive House) 7:15 06:46

4) Under The Pope - Killer View (Progressive House) 6:32

5) Under The Pope - Piece of Heaven (Progressive House) 6:28

6) Under The Pope - Just Take a Moment to Feel the Karma (Progressive House) 6:36

7) Under The Pope - Temptations are Everywhere (Progressive House) 7:24

8) Under The Pope - Soul Mate (Progressive House) 7:32

9) Under The Pope - Homesick for You (Chillout) 5:37


Polena Records presents the new artist Under The Pope and his debut album called Absolutely Amazing. The Album contains 9 exclusive tracks evolved into a mix of Progressive House, Techno and Tech House plus one track Chillout to conclude the journey.. We are sure this going to be remembered as one of best album suitable for any circumstance, made with love and passion dedicated to all music lover. All Tracks written and produced by Sascia Cardinali (Italy)

Date of Release: 27.07.2015

Exclusive Beatport: 12.06.2015

Label: Polena Records


✔ UNDER THE POPE - FACEBOOK PAGE : https://www.facebook.com/UnderThePope

✔ UNDER THE POPE - SOUNDCLOUD PAGE : https://soundcloud.com/under-the-pope

✔ UNDER THE POPE - YOUTUBE TEASER : https://youtu.be/FIUyds7vYio

✔ POLENA RECORDS - FACEBOOK PAGE : https://www.facebook.com/polenarecords
✔ POLENA RECORDS - SOUNDCLOUD PAGE : https://soundcloud.com/polena-records

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Cat N. PLN095

Date Release: 2015.21.06

Bundles: Single

Format: wave, mp3

Authors: Bosko Danilovic, Angel Castillo & Eduardo Castillo

Country: Serbia - Mexico

Genre: Psy Trance - Full On


1) Bionic Delay - Gaudium 07:29

2) Bionic Delay & Acid Syndrome - Ragnarok 06:25

Quantum entanglement is a physical phenomenon the same way Bionic Delay is a phenomenon of society, the true belief, mixed with his unique way of thinking. Experimenting with frequency with a vintage touch, his music can be easily described as an ode to time, profound sounding of his everyday actions. With a full, dynamic basslines and acid melodies covering the whole range of frequencies, music known to be the power style of Serbian psytrance, he is taking it to the next level, but just for a second, because you ll never know what is the next state this vibration will reach. Take a moment and feel the emotion with this amazing peace called Spooky Action At A Distance, honouring the greatest minds in human history of science following the path of light.

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Cat N. PLN094

Date Release: 2015.27.04

Bundles: Single

Format: wave, mp3

Authors: Various Artists

Country: Argentina

Genre: Trance


1) Dinheiro - Voices from the Sea 05:27

2) Dinheiro - Astros 07:29

3) Dinheiro - To the Moon and Back 05:22

A journey into the Trance what Dinheiro made on this new ep published by Polena Records. Deep atmospheres, melancholic melodies and fat grooves characterize these 3 tracks, like if something drawing towards to Voices from the Sea sending a positive effect to the listener...

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Cat N. PLN093

Date Release: 2015.04.04

Bundles: Single

Format: wave, mp3

Authors: Sashamato

Country: Italy

Genre: Chill Out


1) Sashamato - I Miss It 07:00

2) Sashamato - I Got to Look Away 07:14

Polena Records presents the new single from Sashamato with these two amazing Chillout songs under the title Out of House. A journey into sweet melodies and psychedelic atmosphere perfect for daydream alone or in wonderful company because everyone need a way, a moment or a place to relax...!!!

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Cat N. PLN092

Date Release: 2015.28.02

Bundles: Compilation

Format: wave, mp3

Authors: Various Artists

Country: World

Genre: Psy Trance - Progressive


1) Mindwave - Within You (Aesis Alien Remix)

2) Hi Profile - Wild Rose

3) Aesis Alien - What I Was Think

4) Sashamato - Imprinted in My Memory (Aesis Alien Remix)

5) Y-East - I've got Feelings

6) Gaiatech - Morning Sails

7) Nemesis - Psychedelic Experience

8) Illegal Substances - Illegal Substance

9) Vermont - Everlasting

10) Paralogue - Saos

11) Aesis Alien - Pattuly

12) Diagnostic - My Name

13) Dead And Growing - Om Nama Shivaya

14) Dead And Growing - Wander Core

15) Gaiatech - I Like Da Funk

16) Gaiatech - Sweet Lullaby

17) Illegal Substances - Eurobitch

18) Aesis Alien - Still Waiting For

19) Twin Drop - Alienation

20) Clean Trip - Vibrations

21) Astral Invasion - Good Morning Humanity

22) Aesis Alien - Solar Mind

23) N.R.G. Cell - My Trip in Jesi

24) Do Re Mix - Serenity Now

25) N.R.G. Cell - Simple Magical Moments

26) Gaiatech - Hope

27) Generic - Deja Vu

28) Argon Sphere - Energy Motion

29) Astral Invasion - Space Invaders Are Back

30) Astral Invasion - My Friends

31) N.R.G. Cell - Trip to Fantasy

32) Etnical Project - Are You Alone

33) Etnical Project - Modmachine

34) Cronologue Vs Attarii - Get Down (Diagnostic Remix)

35) Diagnostic - Good Vibe

36) Astral Invasion - Discodelica

37) Do Re Mix - Run Fred Run

38) Hi Profile - Say No More

39) Teknical Ikon - LSD Perspective

40) Y-East - Promise

41) E-Beiz - Desert Xb 12 S

42) Meko Dj - Opera Omnia

43) N.R.G. Cell - Art of Dreaming

44) Generic - Parasequence

45) N.R.G. Cell - Mescalito

46) Y-East - Red Queen

47) Nemesis - Alien Life Form

48) N.R.G. Cell - Awaking Planet

49) Teknical Ikon - Fatality Chaos

50) Vermont - Truevoice

51) Illegal Substances - Last Call

52) Sound Control - My Game

53) Kavahjava - Psyverb

54) Argon Sphere - Stand By Me

55) Kavahjava - Elitax

56) Quazax - Quasar Distance

57) Dharma Project - Crisi Di Nervi

58) Gaiatech - String Dance

59) Sound Control - Blow My Mind

60) Burnt Project - Feel the Noise

61) Twin Drop - Alien Drop

62) Burnt Project - Spacecake 4 Breakfast

63) Meko Dj - Reloading Sistem

64) Argon Sphere - G Force

65) Dharma Project - Red Carpet

66) Fiosh - Intoxicate (E-Beiz Remix Reloaded 2010)

67) Gaiatech - Anima

68) E-Beiz - Charlotte

69) Gaiatech - Reggaemotions

70) Teknical Ikon - Shamanical

71) Hi Profile - Me and I

72) N.R.G. Cell - As We Like It

73) Illegal Substances - Fly Trap

74) Vermont - Open Eye

75) E-Beiz - Mizar

76) Kavahjava - Xemisfer

77) E-Beiz - Stardust


Polena Record's gets into the worldwide music market in 2008 so for celebrate Seven Years of release Polena Records is proud to present the greatest hits of Psy Trance Music published untill today..


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