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Polenarecords Italian Indipendent Label
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Italian Independent Electronik Label

Polena Records intent is increasing people interest for:


Born in 2004 and based in Italy, Polena Records tries to impress music culture with its philosophy.

Our first experiences were trance parties aimed to fuse show and music, overtime we have become a sort of "experimentation lab"   where to develop and carry on our musical idea.

Polena Records products are tuned in "Millennium Studio", born in the early 90's where thanks to our professional devices, suitable to create digital audio, we have cooperated also with big artists, famous in the international outline of electronic music.

Polena Record's gets into the worldwide music market in 2008, until today the Label published  Electronic Music in collaboration with 68 Artists come from Europe, Asia and Sud America publishing over 419 tracks at 100 releases between album, compilation, singles and EP, on digital and cd format available on line in all Digital Shops like Beatport, Itunes, Apple store, Amazon, Spotify, Psyshop, JunoDownload, DjTunes, DjShop, Trackitdown, Audio Jelly, Musicload, eMusic, 7 Digital, Virgin Mega Store, Jamba, Napster, Rhapsody, Traxsourse, Vynil24,  etc.



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Cat N. PLN102

Date Release: 2015.11.25

Bundles: Ep

Format: wave, mp3

Authors: Sascia Cardinali

Country: Italy

Genre: Progressive Psy Trance


1) Aesis Alien - Drunk Girl Feat Kiwi 09:10

2) Aesis Alien - Drunk Girl Feat Kiwi Deep Mix 07:30

3) Aesis Alien - Drunk Girl Feat Kiwi Chillout Mix 07:35

4) Aesis Alien - Drunk Girl Feat Kiwi Instrumental Mix 09:02

5) Aesis Alien - Drunk Girl Feat Kiwi Instrumental Deep Mix 07:24

Polena Records proud to present the new ep by Aesis Alien called Drunk Girl feat Kiwi. It was born in a night on beginning of the summer celebrating with lots and lots of booze, especially with Tequila shot, so this made possible some vocals recorded behind her back. The collection contain 5 tracks, 2 Progressive Psy Trance with vocals plus 2 same but instrumental version and concluding with an amazing Chillout version. The ep is characterised by pumping and fat bass line, psychedelic sounds, acid melodies and hypnotic atmosphere. In any case, we are convinced this collection will become your dance floor essentials for a long time to come.

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Cat N. PLN101

Date Release: 2015.10.15

Bundles: Single

Format: wave, mp3

Authors: Sascia Cardinali

Country: Italy

Genre: Trance, Chillout


1) Sashamato - Summer Never Ends 07:29

2) Sashamato - Summer Never Ends 07:27

3) Sashamato - Summer Never Ends Chillout Mix 07:42

Polena Records present the new single by Sashamato called Summer Never Ends, once again displaying his power and emotion in this energetic and melodic mood getting more and more impressive. On the single you can find two Trance version plus one amazing Chillout track, so there's no reason as to why this shouldn't become your all time favorite record.

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Cat N. PLN100

Date Release: 2015.27.09

Bundles: Compilation

Format: wave, mp3

Authors: Various Artists

Country: World

Genre: Psy Trance - Progressive - Trance - Techno - Chillout


Acid Syndrome, Aesis Alien, Sunlight Project, Javo, N.R.G. Cell, Airwave, John Torri, Ohm, Steven Blair, Funkable, Under the Pope, Bionic Delay, Dinheiro, Sashamato, Mindwave, Nemesis, Aesis Alien, Fenice, DJ Paly, Diagnostic, Dead And Growing, Gaiatech, Illegal Substances, Twin Drop, Yarza, Paralogue, N.R.G. Cell, Generic, Astral Invasion, Argon Sphere, Etnical Project, Do Re Mix, Teknical Ikon, CJ Device, Sam Hayfield, Haridasa, M.T.C., Hi Profile, Vermont, Kavahjava, Quazax, Dharma Project, Sound Control, F.B. Alex, O.L.D.F.I.X., Mr. Selekta, SpaceLine, Pasha Vitamin, Max Denoise, Swoan Mayer, Rene Van Aken, Thunder Flash, Burnt Project, Positive Merge, Meko DJ, Fiosh, John Torri, Y-East, Mark Khoen, E-Beiz, Giordano F., Amax #54, Smiley Pixie, Chris Eccles

Polena Records proudly present this new compilation for celebrate 100th releases so we pulled a track from each release published till today and we made this amazing Various Artists Compilation containing 100 tracks of different kinds of music, from House to Techno, from Trance to Psy Trance to end with Chillout and all their sub genres. Dedicated to all our followers.

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Cat N. PLN099

Date Release: 2015.18.09

Bundles: Ep

Format: wave, mp3

Authors: Artem Kalmykov

Country: Russia

Genre: Psy Chill


1) Meduza Project - Nisha 05:54

2) Meduza Project - Isfera Ilma 06:45

3) Meduza Project - Sapana 06:08

4) Meduza Project - Inazuma 05:22

Polena Records present Meduza Project and his first release called Nisha which keeps you interested throughout with four ambient, atmosphere and pumping Psy Chill tracks. This is a highly original and Psy Chill collection that pushes the envelope in a new direction and that's precisely what this genre needs.

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Cat N. PLN098

Date Release: 2015.09.05

Bundles: Ep

Format: wave, mp3

Authors: Steven Blair

Country: Scotland

Genre: Techno


1) Steven Blair - Salad for Dinner 05:23

2) Steven Blair - Chapter 22 05:39

3) Steven Blair - Garlic Bread Without Cheese 04:40

4) Steven Blair - The Accident in the Living Room 04:50

Polena Records present the new Ep by Steven Blair called The Faraway Lodge inspired from the Minimal Techno scene. All the tracks on the EP follow a similar style of 120-124bpm. During the time of this EP being written, he was listening to a lot of music played by Sven Väth, so he made this EP, reflects some of the sounds that Sven plays. These fours tracks are nice laid back minimal sound and will fit perfectly into any DJ's set who plays Minimal Techno and is looking for a track that is a little different to others.

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Cat N. PLN097

Date Release: 2015.08.20

Bundles: Single

Format: wave, mp3

Authors: Rick Hawrda

Country: Germany

Genre: Psy Trance - progressive Psy Techno


1) Funkable - First Touch 06:51

2) Funkable - Moving Your Way 07:37

3) Funkable - Freedom 06:46

Polena Records present the first single from Funkable a very interesting music journey into your ears. It goes from Deep Techno until Progressive Trance with Psychedelic influences from all over the world are reflected here and tempted to let go. The music is very especially and sounds different, good different. You fall into trance and let yourself guided from the music. You wanna hear it again and again – becoming addicted! I'm your addiction. Let's be together addicted – to the music, the melody.

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